Companion piece to ‘ON DIVINITY’ and ‘I CAN NOT BELIEVE IN GOD’.




It puzzles me and makes me wonder,

how faith can tear our World asunder.

That people justify their hate and violence

with invisible Gods who exist in silence.

They say it’s real if you carefully look

and that it’s true cos’ it’s in the book.

These ancient words are hardly proof

yet those of faith stand quite aloof

and look on others with wearied pity

hoping to go to some eternal City.

Some say for their God they will die,

not knowing to themselves they lie.

For they lack any sense of man’s worth,

so would rather rest beneath the earth.

Religion identifies you with a group,

you are a member of a certain troupe.

In this for some comfort can be found,

but to rules and customs they are bound.

Others I feel are just spiritually lazy,

it matters not that it may sound crazy.

So long as they don’t really have to think,

and they’re told what to say,eat and drink.

There are many I’m sure are not ‘all there’,

which one they’re in they really don’t care.

It’s probably good that they have a God,

guiding them through life with a gentle nod.

For me you have to follow your own script

to decide if anything lies beyond the crypt.

Free yourself from all dogma and fable,

pull up a chair to the Seeker’s table.

Imagination and logic are what you need,

to plant with care the special seed,

that will help you unravel all the unknown

and reap the harvest of what’s been sown.

So on religion do not place any reliance,

for solving the mysteries of nature and science.


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