These kids are always the first there,

left alone at the gate, but they need to eat

so mum can’t be late.

He’s on duty !

The lollipop man cop, enjoying the

power, deciding which car to stop.

So slowly begins another school run,

mostly mums, mardy and tetchy and

devoid of all fun. Looking down on the

odd dad, doing impressions of teachers

and staff, guilty of forgotten P.E kit

but his kids always laugh.

False friendly faces as others they greet,

pals because their sons are mates,

chatting ‘bout time and busy and how

for coffee they should meet.

The different types of school kid, the run

ahead, bouncy ones, like a rubber band,

stretching back and forth, puzzled by the

the ones always holding mummy’s hand.

And the dragging foot walk of the ‘don’t

want to go’ boys, who’d prefer to be at

home with TV and toys.

All flowing towards the playground,

eyes not on kids but phones,

bright morning bedlam of screams,

giggles, mythering and moans.

Sweet Jesus Miss, ring the bell !


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