Child and nightmares

Hush my child, do not await faceless dark

with dread. Therein hides nothing more

than broken dreams we often have to shed.

Such wraiths escaped seek to visit only

mischief on you, trying to return and with

riotous resolve let unbridled fear ensue.

But they are without substance or form,

nothing, yours to control from blankets

warm. So as they from behind the curtains

peep, let these words in scolding tone

ring out, “be gone ! It’s time to sleep”



    1. In my case it’s the meds I’m on. They put me in A&E (ER) recently so now they’re reducing them and I’m in a world of hurt. Thankfully I’ve found you all and our shared passion.
      Highlights include dogs on a ladder swaying about, ears flapping, base jumping off a cliff so real I wake gasping for air and clinging to the edge of a black pit watching my white knuckles and fingers slip.
      Crazy stuff. It’s subsiding now so ‘shrug’ sh*t happens.

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