She walks in silence,into the Night

where ever she goes,she carries the Light,

when she passes , everything slows,

all of your secrets, she just knows.

She dresses in black,toe to Head,

her nails and lips, flash brightly red,

she holds your gaze,with azure eyes,

with just one blink,knows your lies.

Taking your hand she’ll pull you near

whispering words you’ll never hear

in her arms she saves your soul

picking up pieces making you whole.

Those she lets see her, are very few,

she leaves no trace,she leaves no clue,

they never forget her,that beautiful dark,

see the Twilight Girl and carry her mark.

Takes all your anger rids you of hate

you’ll fall in love but it’s too late

feeling peace an answered prayer

the Twilight Girl’s no longer there…


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