Blanket noise, constant horns and shouts like rapier accents

shout from amongst assorted aural ingredients.

Mirror gloss men in their element, with posed perambulation and the confidence

of familiar, perform a head averted pass to avoid jangling coin boxes,

sticky paper badges and the man on cardboard .

Diners in shop windows, on show, provide bus stop TV,                                                                            

the blank passenger stares of the far away mind intruding on the privacy of lunch.

Fallen ice cream, the vanilla pavement blemish marks a child’s teary moment.

While a man with a broom is moving bits of stuff from left to right, now and then picking up

an odd burger carton, sweeping forward leaving a street art pattern of litter behind.

Kids faces pressed on glass, why ? nobody knows .

Ninja Pigeon dancing amongst relentless footfall and serpentine queues,orderly, with just the right

distance between each person, edging along the side of garish concrete blocks.

Urban watering holes their few street tables claimed by the smug,

who barricade their frothy coffees and wine with garish plastic bags, filled with purchases

they occasionally admire, the fix of buying already faded.

Sharp fractured pieces of sky, trees amongst chaos, defiant in solemn stillness yet weary and jaded,

their vibrant green by city dust muted.

All is ebb and flow, wax and wane.

Ever vibrant and complex

people !

4 thoughts on “URBANALIA

  1. It’s funny, if I’d ever seen images of the Underground before I don’t recall, but last night I was watching some video and saw it, and now you have a photo with it. You really took me there with this one. Love it!! So much energy and wonderful imagery. You are a wordsmith!

    Liked by 1 person

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