Once more in your sight


We the lost, who are no more in your sight,

whose hands you can no longer hold,

hold and touch in the still dark night,

wait for the thoughts that let us again exist.

Walk where we once walked, along autumn

dappled lanes of dancing orb light.

Amidst meadow flower musk and Dragonflies

of a late English summer bright,

Upon the hard city pavements, neon washed

with music, wine and heady flight

Let us once more be in your sight.


You who are left behind, you who still seek

those who you have once held close,

and with bright Buttercup their cheek

teased beside the falling brook coursing

down through moss garbed stone.

Who as the Sandpiper dips his beak

wait forlorn with the ebbing tide.

Feel awe viewing from millstone peak

dale and pasture sprawl, as we once did.

we are not lost at the end of each week

but here still so you need not seek.

3 thoughts on “ONCE MORE IN YOUR SIGHT

    1. Thank you, great to see your name, I’ll pop over and see what you’ve been up to, briefly caught your last piece but was too ill to read & digest. I’ve been to hell Charlie but the consultant finally admitted they’d got it wrong and I start new meds tomorrow, the bas****s nearly broke me this time mate ! Hope you’re ok too friend.


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