SPECIALLY FOR DAVY ‘D’. ( not my finest moment but had to resist doing a limerick heehee )



Ah, Svetlana my bride my email Russian dove,

with your face that only a mother could love,

oh how you guzzled my stock of spiced rum

as I sat bewildered by your huge glasnost bum.

I’d no idea as you kissed the air saying ‘honey’

that you’d already started stealing my money.

Everyone told me that it would never work,

it’s just that you’re a bear and I’m a berk.

Now you’re back home where you were born

and I’m in slippers for a want of shoe horn.

8 thoughts on “SVETLANA

  1. I am honoured and laughing loudly at the screen Nigel. I knew a man of your talent would not let me down. I will never get the image of that Glasnost bum out of my mind now 🙂

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      1. Svetlana, a Russian bride in waiting
        Sent emails, on the pretence of dating
        Her words turned to ash
        As the shortage of cash
        Left her large Glasnost bott demonstrating

        I wonder where the shoe horn went?


      2. Sweet Jesus Davy ! I do love the Limerick, I’ve been good up to now………..but they’re popping into my head again. If I ever meet a Svetlana it’ll be all over for me, I’ll just collapse in a schoolboy fit of giggles ! Great way to start the day, Ta marra !

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