The Poet & The Clown

I am ‘he’ said the Poet, striking a theatrical pose,

all you do is amuse !

I can paint in words, all the beauty that is a rose,

you’re a mere ruse.

No I am ‘he’ said the Clown, while doing a silly walk,

words are a chore.

I can make people laugh with all my nonsense talk,

you’re such a bore.

But I am so erudite and my poems make you think.

You’re dim and trite !

The fact is your tedious poems drive folk to drink

or run at first sight.

Gentlemen please there is a place for both within,

I am both Poet and Clown.

The two of you are but one and not some evil twin

 but ‘I’ wear the crown!

5 thoughts on “THE POET & THE CLOWN

    1. You’re too kind ! But thank you, This was born from some one saying they couldn’t equate my ‘odd’ humour blog Warp Thought with Voices as they appeared to him as chalk and cheese. I know where he’s coming from which is why I separated them and ditched the risqué rhyme title. I don’t ‘promote’ Warp Thought’ it’s just somewhere to put the crazy and prettier than a ring binder. But it got me thinking (what, you Nige, ‘thinkin’ never !) and I concluded humour is similar to poetry in the sense you open doors usually shut, and see not look. Anyway Lynn, lean closer and I’ll tell you a secret ! I’ve got sonnets 6 & 7 waiting to post but I’m holding back because I feel like I’m possessed by the ‘Bard’ ! Also reviewing my work I seem to be obsessed with ‘the Dawn’ and ‘break of day’ ! A cliché collector if I’m not careful but it is always magical to me. We have a saying “if you wake up then the day’s a good ‘in”

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      1. You’re welcome! I didn’t know you had another blog. I’m gonna skip over there and check it out. Absolutely, humor is similar to poetry in that sense.
        I love your sonnets! Well, anything you write really. Can’t wait to read them!
        The dawn is a magical thing. I tend to like writing about the moon and dawn too, and just finished a poem with both in it. That is a great saying, and isn’t it the truth?!

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