A Certain Sadness


It was with a certain sadness I woke this morn

for though with whisky, slumber had I bought,

the price I paid was to miss the birdsong dawn

and hollow victory in war that’s nightly fought.

How I yearn every day to hear the shrill notes

that I know not ,if chatter or avian verse they be

or Finch sung love, for one on which he dotes,

this joyous arpeggio that holds my heart’s key .

This choral soundtrack to the break of day

endures against the rush hour’s rackety slight

whether it be sun blessed, rainy or misty grey

it steels my heart to face the long dark night.



10 thoughts on “A CERTAIN SADNESS

    1. Thank you. I often wonder if they have a rota or if it’s a case of whoever’s up first kicks it off. I like to imagine the Blackbirds nestling down and saying to their young “best be awake early kids, the Bull Finches are on tomorrow and they’re always late !”

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