Questions about God

What shall I say to your God as he seems a bit confused,

do I smite or turn the other cheek,

it’s nice that he thinks of the meek

but to let them inherit the earth leaves me rather bemused .


And which should I choose because they’ve all got a book

they’re quite a good read,

but make people bleed

with their ancient words of wisdom and sweet groovy look.


The debate about who’s right could be very easily resolved

if he did a world tour

so that everyone saw

him playing with the Stones up on stage, problem dissolved.


Or put on celestial overalls and pop down to service the earth,

and then fixed all the seas

we would drop to our knees

and accept he’s our creator and we should value his worth.


And I wonder about poor Lucifer and the legend of his fall

without heaven’s glory

he can’t tell his story

we’ve only god’s word he’s evil maybe he’s not bad at all.

10 thoughts on “QUESTIONS ABOUT GOD

  1. That ‘OMG’ image made me chuckle. It certainly fits for the people who think they have all the answers to those questions and more. Always insightful and intriguing, Nigel. You have a strong voice. As a reader, it really pulls me in. Great stuff!

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    1. Thank you, I’ve never avoided the subject of religion but always used to put a ‘ no offense intended…..’ kind of intro. But then I realised respect for the views of others works both ways and the ‘God Botherers’ should respect my views. No offense intended hee hee !

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  2. Great thought provoking poetry Nigel. I said to my good lady about 10 years ago that religion was just a form of social control. A few weeks ago she said I am beginning to see what you mean. Although God did make Yorkshire and Cumberland. Maybe the devil lives in Lancashire.

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    1. That’s true Davy, especially the 3 religions of the ‘book’, I’ve studied comparative religion for most of my life and it takes no where near that long, a cursory glance perhaps to see that the lives of their prophets, the history and evolution of the individual faiths are clearly political/social and have parallels in the rise of both fascism and communism. You’re right re Lancashire too, you can tell the way they pronounce stairs as ‘stuuurrs’ ! very devilish.

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