The Showman

‘Come take your seat when you are in will we begin !’

See the place for you, there .

Hurry now honoured guest, we need not wait for all the rest !

This show is for you, alone.

This spectacle seen by few, is your reward long overdue !

A surprise for you, tonight.

On our chosen bill of fare, have we times you wouldn’t dare !

An entrée for you, to start.

We have your chances missed, and the love you never kissed !

Not there for you, any more.

You’ll see roads you didn’t take, the decisions you didn’t make !

You may recall, or not.

There’ll be words you could’ve said and those spoken instead !

All in your voice, to hear.

See all the doors you left shut and all the cloth you never cut !

Specially for you, regret.

For this show we’ve spared no expense, so let it now commence !

And with the final curtain fall

you must quiet peace achieve

or remain forever in this Hall

and never ever leave !

5 thoughts on “THE SHOWMAN

  1. Wow! Truly amazing write. The photo reminds me of the piano concerto you mentioned. Maybe one might be played there. You took this to a whole new level of artistry. “Specially for you, regret” is a powerful line! The rhythm of this whole thing has a strong, steady beat. That also might’ve been my own heart pounding as I was reading. Finding peace in all we’ve done or haven’t done. It stirs the soul.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much ! It just appeared, something I’ve not experienced for a while. It started as a circus tent and ringmaster and as I entered, in my mind, it was suddenly a music hall, just me and my own personal show.

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