Different Paths

I say no longer is my stride bold

and different paths I now travel

but I’ve many tales still to be told

from a new life about to unravel.

There are tick’ left upon my clock

time for thoughts to be set free

woven by summer starling flock

and on the wing borne over sea.

Without change would existence cease

and no man can choose the cards dealt

yet even with this bad hand I’ve peace

and the kindness of strangers have I felt.

If I awake a man not of flesh but chrome,

motionless, brilliant shine reflected light,

then within cool remnant dreams I roam,

king of that not seen by sight.

I step out, released from temporal norm

leaving behind the tight binding chains

of my false purgatory, my electric storm

never do I once look back at still remains,

there is nothing of worth, no velvet glove

only mere vestige of that which once was,

ever in the past sealed, save trace lost love

and by memory stamped ‘Because’.



9 thoughts on “DIFFERENT PATHS

  1. Thought provoking, indeed. I like the promise and mystery of ‘new life threads about to unravel’. The starling flock and ‘on the wing borne over sea’ creates quite an image, also a sense of freedom. The movement and hopefulness in not being rooted in one place is well done.

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    1. Thank you Lynn, I refer to myself as ‘Old Nige’ and ‘New Nige’, every bonfire night for the past 3 years I’ve burnt a piece of my old (pre-illness) profession certs, text books etc and when I re-read this piece it dawned on me I’m re-inventing myself, ridding myself of all that reminds me of what I can no longer do.

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