Folly of Youth

Is it by errant design or by fault,

that a boy’s sight sees little of what’s there,

or takes the stoic stance of young revolt

and for such bold consequence has no care.


Should not nature temper this reckless zeal

pull back on the reins, wild steed so to trot,

is it not better high spirit to steal

than let folly, a life with darkness blot.


Perhaps of nature do I ask too much

my posed question born from thankless voice

expecting a mother’s soft guiding touch

removing the burden of making choice.


Yet it is in the essence of mankind

to nurture and protect our young from ills

hoping that only good is what they find

before time their naïve innocence kills.


But I must accept they have their own life

and they must travel alone to find truth,

that I can’t protect them from cruel strife

only warn against the folly of youth

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