I think the worst pet we ever had was a tortoise. It was like having a large bun with legs to look after. Mind you the dogs used to enjoy playing air hockey on the lino with it . poor thing, we were told olive oil was good for it’s shell but really it just made a faster game for the dogs.

The terriers had a knack for flipping the poor thing on it’s back.  I spent my summer vacations putting a bun with legs the right way up.

I mean at least a hamster does the crazy run round the wheel thing and fish are calming but a tortoise . We were reduced to using a child’s toy periscope upside down so it looked as if dad had got us a pet dinosaur.

And every winter he’d be put in a box of straw in the cellar to hibernate. It was like some half-arsed, DIY cryogenic attempt.

I remember the look in his little eyes when he saw the parcel tape . Parcel tape ! like he was going to wake up mid-hibernation and say “any chance of a blanket ?”.

R.I.P Livingstone at least those bastard Jack Russell’s can’t get ya no more !


6 thoughts on “WORST PET EVER

    1. If only that were true Davy ! Reading your comment I had a flashback to dad clearing the drawers in the sideboard and holding two vanity mirrors in his hands and saying “I’ve an idea kids” Always when this happened there would be something, an airfix model, toy soldiers painted always left on the breakfast table by him on his way to work. Precious memory of a wonderful father.
      My you he’s a pain in the arse at times now !

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