A re-write

On the passing of a Lover, the denial and frustration that often accompanies bereavement finally giving way to acceptance.

I saw you there

I saw you there the other day,stood over by the wall,

though for me you did not look.

Your face was rounder and you did not seem so tall,

yet I still was by your beauty struck.

I saw you there in the Park. in silence sat on our seat.

staring as though lost in thought.

With a half glance you left the place we used to meet

and where our love first caught.

I saw you there, in the crowd,leaning against the door,

yet I heard not your voice.

It was only a moment and my very soul I’d sell for more,

if I only had that choice.

I saw you there the other day, strolling along the pier,

though deep inside I knew,

that you’d whispered “let me go, shed your final tear”

and so it never could be you.

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