Monsters Of The Mind

Deep and dark is their lair,

and behind the mind’s closed doors,

they like to squat, waiting with brooding stare

plotting to make trouble like furtive festering sores.

Watch and wait is their way,

so patiently they hold until we sleep

at which point the malevolence held at bay

bursts forth and evil mischief we begin to reap.

They crawl and slither out,

to start work distorting thought

with many a poison twisted shout

at the carousel on which you’re caught.

As they ply their evil trade

all problems and issues increase

always darker and endlessly replayed

til morning when the terrors do briefly cease.


11 thoughts on “MONSTERS OF THE MIND

  1. A disturbing description of what lies behind ‘the mind’s closed doors’, Nigel. You, impressively, make me aware of terrors I have not experienced in your powerful verse. I particularly enjoy your carefully constructed rhymes too.

    Liked by 1 person

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