When you suddenly feel desire, unexpectedly, for someone who’s a friend. It’s like you’ve been bewitched by the best Spell ever but it renders you confused and puzzled.


It is as the day’s clamorous hum is stilled and pushed to the rear,

and my mind again sees, that visions of your smile suddenly appear

and I know  how you’ve captured me.

Long have we been friends and though from your beauty I never tire,

I looked only with an artist’s eye, until the day my heart burst on fire,

and I floundered adrift wondering why.

For how can my honest soul, such a passion, all these years conceal

so hidden deep inside, that only a magic unknown can now reveal

that to myself must I have quietly lied.

I am smitten, by what manner of heart felt Hex I no longer really care,

perhaps with lips pursed, sultry gaze or your fingers entwined in hair,

for it’s with desire for you I’m cursed.

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