SONNET 10–when labours cease

This is a reworking of an earlier poem into sonnet form


Sonnet 10 – When labours cease


What mark of man stands brazen to the storm

and with benign stare and in soundless verse

bids me sit down with his elysian form

in such manner I did want to converse.

He said all began over yonder vale

and I knew him though we had never met,

that we were the same soul in the same tale

and once told I would never forget

He knew all the answers that I have sought

the knowledge of all that is still concealed

in the deep sleep of divine human thought,

a silent waiting, soon to be revealed.

He said now your labours cease say adieu

and know only peace and that I am you.


8 thoughts on “SONNET 10–when labours cease

  1. Thank you Nigel for pointing this Sonnet out, I hadn’t seen it.
    It is both mystique and spiritual I feel.
    Are you talking about lives lived before…..
    I do hope you help me out on this one as it is very beautiful to me.
    I love the ending:
    “He said now your labours cease say adieu

    and know only peace and that I am you.”

    Feel peace with those lines.

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    1. Thank you Miriam, the title line/denouement ‘when labours cease’ is from masonic ritual & refers to death. The poem is about meeting your inner self, subconscious, the real you as formed by nature, as opposed to our ‘outer’ self, which is a façade, a veneer formed by nurture, ie. our environment, experiences etc. It is also about my beliefs such as everything is connected, and the reveal comes when our outer, mundane, ordinary self ‘ceases to labour’ and we meet our inner self, who at the end says ‘I am you’.

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