Thank you Roland for the suggestion 


Where our love first caught


There on that park bench, that’s forever ours

we sat long past cold, amidst Autumns gold

as unnoticed we stole away daylight’s hours

making up stories about the knurled windfall

a smile’s soft touch brief yet meaning so much

inching closer under a warm fancied shawl.

And our eye fixed seconds held a bit longer

that gave the knowing, feelings were growing

deeper weaving our bond tighter and stronger

until we surrendered to that neither had sought

and there in November mist, we finally kissed

a camera shutter click and our love first caught.


      1. Yes, I did notice. It does make a great title, and it’s an excellent write. The ending takes you right back to the title and I love that. I like how ‘love first caught’ feels like a double meaning where the feelings are finally realized, and then the camera click also catches or captures it in time.

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