Forgotten faces behind dust frosted glass, from memories faded,

once on trend décor’s now a bygone scene, frozen in time, jaded,

and the tick-tock of the clock.

The sun fights through torn grey lace, it’s rays breaching the gloom,

startled dust quanta by movement stirred,drift in the exposed room,

always the clock goes tick-tock.

A sofa, it’s cushions indented as if the owner is sitting there still,

withered plant, genus unknown, turning to dust on a window sill,

and the never ending tick-tock.

Sooty black smudges on tiles, once admired, a dislodged fire grate

no longer tended , yet back then a crackling warmth able to sedate,

but still that damned tick-tock.

On the mantle stands that clock, with an envelope against it propped,

the letter that I’m seeking now found, I notice all sound has stopped.

Gone the tick-tock of the clock.

3 thoughts on “TICK TOCK

  1. Ooo, some great images here! I like the duality of forgotten faces and the clock face itself. Also, how the unattended things seem to have movement just as time continues to move. It paints a mysterious scene. Still pondering the letter. It’s on the mantle, above everything else, possibly seen as more important than anything else. Words left unsaid maybe? Maybe that’s too literal. All I know is I love what you do.

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    1. Ah, I had a hunch you’d like this one Lynn. Pure fiction, but the story is a man, long lost son ? lover ? returns to find everyone gone. The letter was written with the knowledge that there was no address to send it to but a belief he would one day return and read, as you intuitively said, words unsaid. So it was left by the clock for him. He hates the sound clocks reminding him of the march of time so it’s a little moral/joke that it is a clock that mysteriously/spookily leads him to the letter…………….and ‘then’ stops. Thank you for your kind words it’s great being amongst fellow poets but even better to be friends with one so in tune.

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