Mad by degree

I left the Doctor’s feeling quite glad,

he’d said “ I’ve decided on a diagnosis,

I’m sorry but you’ve got a psychosis,

in other words you’re quite mad.

 I replied “Oh dear is it very bad ?”

“ not as a box of frogs if you please,

but if pushed I’d say mad as cheese

so there’s really no reason to be sad.”

I said “what makes you think so”

“well you teach wasps to make jam

keep several goldfish in a pram

and think god made the sky too low.”

 “Oh, so it’s just something I said,

not that I think I’m a shark

or understand every dog’s bark

and keep biscuits under my shed”

“Not in the slightest old fellow

why I often think I’m a bat

while reading books to my cat

and I keep my trifle in a cello ”


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