This piece is part of what has turned out to be a trilogy concerning a man’s struggle to come to terms with the death of his lover. In the first poem ‘I saw you there’ he is in complete denial, imagining he still sees her across a crowded room, on a park bench, always ignoring him, thereby suggesting she has merely left him and is still alive. Acceptance comes in the final verse. In “Where our love first caught’ he continues the healing process by visiting the park bench where they used to meet and fell in love but in a sense he’s still clinging on, afraid of forgetting her. In this final piece he visits the tree in the woods where he carved a sigil/sign of their love. On seeing it faded but still visible and now knowing, even after all this time that he can find it/her gives him the final comfort and assurance he needs to move on



I welcome the silver blur screen of early mist,

as I run my hand over moss parchment bark,

that shields me while I seek our remnant tryst

that even now gives light to the forest dark.

Time can only fail such  memory to damp

and eyes soon alight on my knife cut mark

carved so long ago as love’s arboreal stamp

passion’s rune faded yet still it’s power stark.

This faint cut from love’s sentiment wrought

tied two lives as one as night bowed to day

and as the dawn a new splendour brought

the stars blessed our union fore giving way.

As I turn to go your whisper I clearly hear,

a part of us will in our tree forever remain

no longer will I grieve with love lost tear

for come dawn’s splendour are we one again.

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