I must dance to the sound of songs I often hear

though with clamorous surrounds they compete

no matter if it’s waltz or tango that does appear

if the fiddler plays my drummer must beat.

When mournful notes say darkness is near

and ill fortune advances to the lights retreat,

the beauty of the night is masked by fear

the fiddler plays on so my drummer must beat

And when the fiddler plays a driven jig or reel

so that life’s tempo is such I may lose my feet

and all around there’s only good things to feel

then must my drummer change his beat

Though the fiddle’s melody is for all mankind

we have a drummer who beats for us alone

choosing the songs that create our melody mind

so each verse we sing makes the song our own.

5 thoughts on “THE FIDDLER PLAYS

  1. I like the subtle shift in the lines about the drummer’s beat, and the end about making it our own. That part reminds me of the Oscar Wilde quote, “Create yourself. Be yourself your poem.” Great write, as always, Nigel.

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    1. Thank you very much my quantum entangled friend. I’m going through a really spooky, coincidence type time again at the moment Lynn. I’ve always one foot in the strange but it seems a lot more obvious now, The last few writes, for example have just appeared, complete in my mind followed by some coincidence. This one was written last night, a hour after posting I was just ‘surfing’ the net, looking for a pre-Raphaelite painter when I came across an obscure poem called the ‘Fiddler’.

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