The Owl

He haunts the black in swift silent flight

no still air disturbed by beating wings

he is dark shadow, an absence of light

it is death for creatures small he brings.

What stature he wears as he alights

with poise upon the stone gable peak

stoic and proud as the ancient knights

who took quests their honour to seek.

Then he drops from this regal perch

and plummets towards the ground

as movement below ends his search,

his banshee shriek the only sound.


7 thoughts on “THE OWL

  1. Ooo! Love that sound at the end. The whole piece is excellent! I actually have an owl in part of my writing for today’s Harrison quote. Should have it finished soon. Or at the rate I’m going, it’ll be 3am in the morning.

    Liked by 1 person

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