Rewrite and companion piece to ‘to own a breeze’


It’s there on the wind

Can you hear it ?

There on the wind, the hint of murmured voice, worn

like the farewell scent of lost love fading with the dawn.

Or perhaps pieces,

remnants of infant dream’s slow pirouette across the sky

full of love and hope set free with new life’s first cry.

Is it thought I hear ?

There on the wind, the drone of lost memory movie clips,

like languid windmill sail turns and leaf umbrella drips.

Or perhaps desires,

in silk butterfly bows flown from a still heart on warm air,

delicate winged echoes of longing we can all briefly share.


3 thoughts on “IT’S THERE ON THE WIND

  1. I read this once, went back to re-read ‘To Own a Breeze’ before reading this again…and again. I don’t know if it’s possible to love your work more than I do. It’s so beautiful. I love the bits of internal rhyme as well as the end rhyme. I didn’t notice it before, but ‘new life’s first cry’ says, to me, that it’s more than a physical thing, maybe it’s new beginnings as well. Love those butterfly bows and ‘delicate winged echoes of longing’. Long, audible contented sigh upon reading.

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    1. I don’t know what to say except a from the heart thank you. The breeze/wind theme unsurprisingly hasn’t fooled you Lynn, there’s always with these pieces of mine a double meaning. In the case of these two, yes the wind and breeze can be taken in a surreal but literal way and as such I hoped they’d work as interesting flights of imagination. But the wind/breeze is actually your imagination/ subconscious self. ‘It’s there on the wind’ is about trying to tune into the ether/collective subconscious or the universal mind/god whatever flavour the reader prefers. I guess the Leary expression ‘tune in’ (not the rest ha !) also fits . Once you hear ‘what’s on the wind’ a person should hopefully understand his fellow man better. ‘To own a breeze’ is about being in control of your inner self and recalling ‘Peak experiences’ that is an experience which gives pleasure above and beyond the normal. I’m so pleased Lynn, I’ve been waiting for someone to look within, to explain as an introduction is defeating the purpose. The inner message is hidden, waiting. This is another meaning of my mantra ‘see not just look’. x

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