A fictional piece about lost love. He finally realises, as they embrace, swaying to soft music in a tired and jaded Dance Hall that reflects their own relationship, his lover has been replaced by a woman he doesn’t know.


Cosseted by dream wave music drapes

of liquid silk that ebb and flow around

battered mirror ball carousel shapes

we spoke to each other without a sound.

I danced with a stranger though in love,

and by a familiar desire was I confused,

my cheek stroked by her velvet glove

that hid the mock smile of one amused.

I wished that dance to forever remain,

for our hearts had once the same beat,

 and a chance to know my lover again

and forget a stranger’s cruel deceit.


9 thoughts on “DANCE WITH A STRANGER

    1. Ah Ms Burton you are so intuitive. This piece was loosely inspired by the film/title track of the same name. It’s an intense dark film based on the story of Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be hanged in Britain. A truly tragic story. She was ran a night club and fell in love with socialite gent, I won’t say any more in case you ever watch it but the point is, it was the achingly beautiful song from this film that was in my mind during the write.

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