You’ve had friends round for a meal, it was a brilliant night as usual. You come downstairs for a glass of water in the early hours, flick on the lights and wham ! In your drunken state you’d forgotten you had decided to leave tidying up until tomorrow and are now faced with a culinary crime scene, a dinner party disaster zone. But as you look it slowly becomes less a chore awaiting and more a beautiful image. And all the fun of the evening comes flooding back…….and it makes you smile.

Post Dinner Party Crime Scene

An instant flicker-switched brilliance reveals the scene,

chairs in casual disarray, prove that guests have been.

Merlot stigmata table cloth no longer linen crisp white,

matt fingerprint glasses,lipstick sealed, flash with light.

Crumb dotted plates rest haphazard on each place mat,

a time frozen residue left by those who had there sat.

Some sport discarded napkins, the odd knife and fork

wielded like a conductor’s baton in animated talk.

And along the table’s centre stand idols of green glass

worshipped the evening long in our Dionysian mass.

For to serve those you love, laughter, food and wine,

is ceremony that binds us tighter than any hemp or twine



  1. Culinary crime scene, that’s so good. The whole piece is good. What seems like what will be a simple dinner party is layered with that richness that you do so well. By the way, I searched for that movie you mentioned, Dance with a Stranger. It’s supposed to be on Thursday afternoon so I set it to record.

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    1. Thank you Lynn. I think you’ll like it, let me if you don’t. It’s the kind of film Brits do so well, low budget, amazing acting, deep where the pauses are as effective as the dialogue. Like ‘Remains of the Day’ with Hopkins, after you think WOW ! but nothing actually happened in the 2 hr you’ve been sat there !

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    1. Thank you Roland, with this in mind, I’m toying with an idea for an article off the back of recent discussions about what constitutes a poet/poetry and want to illustrate it, in a positive way with lines from our community’s work. I intend to post asking peoples permission and whether they are happy for me to choose my favourite lines but wanted to ask you personally if you would have any objection to me quoting a few lines from your art.

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