A treasured family memory. A Sunday stroll along the seafront Promenade from Blackpool to the village of Bispham only a couple of miles. Still today if the conditions are right I’m transported back in my mind, that’s the beauty of a peak experience recall.

The Bispham walk

Bunk reclined, reading, content in a caravan cocoon,

then the dreaded words ‘a walk on the sea front soon’.

I mention it’s Sunday, church and a communion wafer

but wily Dad calls my bluff so ‘to Bispham’ seems safer

given my relationship with God.


So off set the Smiths along with Nana and Uncle Pete

she with an ice cream, he soon a martyr to sore feet.

Mum on a route march, head busy planning our meals

while we kids hang back at the rear dragging our heels

and the sunshine breaks through.


I know now why we’re here, everyone walking along,

salty sea air, the bracing chill, Pete bursts into song

nodding ‘Ow do’s’ and ‘mornin’s’ to all those we pass.

What use man’s church compared to this, nature’s Mass

as on with smiles and sun we plod.


And then it’s over and we’re stood queuing for a tram

Dad, ever the Gent helps a lady with baby and pram,

then back to the caravan, fish & chip stop on the way,

while Pete sings yet again ‘On the road to Mandalay’

and the rain blows in as if on cue.


6 thoughts on “THE BISPHAM WALK

  1. A refreshing read. You took me along to this charming time and place. The song choice at the end is fitting.
    When I read Blackpool it reminded me of the video you shared of the young Millen because that was the first time I’d heard of it.

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    1. At that time it was ‘the’ resort, it was always a wonderful candyfloss kitsch place complete with mini Eifel tower, kind of a really shit English Vegas ! But sadly it’s just a pit now though they are trying to revamp it but it’s gaudy, brash magnificence is forever lost.

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  2. Brings back memories, Nigel, of my parents taking me on holidays there. North Country Mecca. Love the ‘Ow do?’ reminder. Many years since I heard that, despite having been surrounded by this greeting in my Tyke-ish youth.

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