the forest dead

I could not at first discern it’s final repose, skeletal and stark,

so very out of place, fallen at the roots of it’s brothers in bark,

as if there in disgrace.

I can somehow hear the echoes of anguished splintered sound,

damped by fern and moss, from when it toppled to the ground,

a sky patch marked loss.

Though no longer do it’s blanket branches shield the forest floor,

with leaf pattern shades, it abides by the Green Man’s ancient lore

as to soil it slowly fades.

8 thoughts on “THE FOREST DEAD

  1. Jumping up and down in the spot here. It’s a masterpiece a Sir Nigel and I will not be wavered from my opinion. So don’t even try to sway me! I’m a forest-o-phile so especially excited 😊

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    1. Me too ! I love forests and I’m literally drawn to them, they light me up ! If you’ve time and inclination some time you may like ‘Tannenwald’ ‘Edge of winter in Spring Wood’ and ‘The Church Tree’ (from my arboreal collection ha ha) Thank You very much Diana.

      Liked by 1 person

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