SONNET 11–on the theme of ‘Heart felt Hex’

Sonnet 11 – on the theme of ‘Heart felt hex’


What manner of hex or love sweetened bane

has bewitched, by some unseen hand, my heart

with the desire now flooding mind and vein

such that from thoughts of her I can not part.

From looking at her could I never tire

yet it was always with a poet’s eye,

but now I see beyond aesthetic mire

and can no longer to my true self lie.

How could an honest soul for years conceal

a passion that deep inside was always there

waiting for magick unknown to reveal

the bold beauty of hidden love so rare.

Yet how cruel is she the mistress fate

for she loves another, I am too late.

14 thoughts on “SONNET 11–on the theme of ‘Heart felt Hex’

    1. Orr Bless you Lynn ! That’s the 3rd variation on the hex theme, time to let it go Nige…….’suppose most folk have loved from afar or in vain at some point, it always seems so sad and poignant yet unchangeable.

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      1. Most probably have, and it does seem sad. Makes for good writing though.
        By the way, I was all set to watch Dance with a Stranger today and discovered it didn’t record. Turns out I don’t actually have the channel it was supposed to play on. Why it even came up in the search if I don’t have the channel, I don’t know. I looked online but no luck there either as most ‘full movies’ get removed. I was so looking forward to watching that today. I will find it somewhere.

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    1. Thank you Diana, though you don’t strike me as a particularly malleable person ! I’m both moved and elated by your comments. By the way, the picture of your Dad, how special ! thank you for sharing that personal moment. I found it so moving and beautiful.

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  1. I recently read that only old Bill could truly write a worthy sonnet. I considered that a bit since it is from a high school textbook. Your sonnet reminds me that textbook writers are full of themselves and a few other things, as well. THIS is a worthy sonnet.

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