I walked the old road, chased by twilight’s edge

passing the scent delicate of Hawthorn pinks,

and the variegated greens of the jumbled hedge,

nudged now and then by warm summer blinks.


My tarmac torment stride with it’s muffled beat

drove the dimming light to tell the world to sleep.

The sun bowed with grace, refusing encores of heat,

preferring his solar secret from we profane to keep.


What ceremony of silence, what mysterious rite

did Sol Invictus enact with his scarlet clad sky,

a scene of surreal coloured awe announcing night,

as he slipped away into the starry dark to lie.


I found myself coddled in an absence of light

and though mocked by voice of fauna unseen

I was not driven to hasten step or take flight

but revelled in the moon’s pearl glimmer sheen.

11 thoughts on “A TWILIGHT WALK

    1. I was about 13 y, on holiday in the south, Dorset and went exploring at early twilight , alone and got caught in the fading light. I remember thinking how strange I had no fear, in fact I was relishing the moment. Thank you Lynn. Hope you’re getting enough sleep Ms Burton !

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      1. I don’t know the time zone but you seem to be here morning , noon and night. I suffer from Insomnia due to my illness and get max 4 hr per night often 2 hr for days and it’s devastating. Was just concerned.

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      2. Who needs sleep? I don’t want to miss one word of your beautiful poetry. 😉
        It’s CDT (central daylight time) and I think 5 or 6 hours difference between here and there.
        Insomnia is rough. I usually spend evenings writing and it goes into the very early morning hours. Thank you for the concern, my dear friend. x

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