The north-east corner

Arriving in the Temple’s north-east corner we finally meet,

I have but one thought ,is this a man of morals I now greet,

of a character I have sought.

I therefore call upon you to give some mark of your favour,

even some small coin, or choose gentle kindness to waiver

and your integrity purloin.

I’m pleased you would gladly give, if you were not now poor,

that your heart would melt, if those at life’s low ebb you saw,

now their pain you’ve felt.

We do not seek to embarrass you or with your feelings sport,

our intent is pure, remember the lesson you’ve just been taught

and help poor souls endure.


5 thoughts on “THE NORTH EAST CORNER

  1. Charitable kindness goes a long way, and the empathy to not just see others’ hardships but feel them as well. I’m always fascinated with the photos you choose to accompany your wonderful words. I see the tunnel as never ending, twisting, turning, spilling out into other areas just as acts of human kindness should do.

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  2. PHEW ! thought I’d trashed your comment, meds have gone boobs up again ! This piece is almost word for word part of a Masonic ritual I went through. My experiences during my time as a Freemason were both fascinating and rewarding. For me it was and is the most extraordinary spiritual practice, unfortunately I was the only one who held that 200 yr old view. Sadly it is now just a charitable gents club, which apart from the charity isn’t me. I left years ago but it still has the same allure and it’s ritual crops up in my Art at times ie ‘the grip’. (And the lurid tabloid headlines are nonsense, I only ran the world for few days Ha Ha)

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  3. Ha, WP has a mind of its own as it is. That’s interesting. I was reading some of your earlier work a while ago and came across something about symbols and Freemasonry. Fascinating stuff.


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