The Strid refers to a very dangerous place on the Bolton Abbey estate, here in the Yorkshire Dales. To look, it would appear to be a typical small river gorge, rock walls, rushing water. Very unimpressive in an English sort of way. But closer and you’ll notice whirlpools everywhere, the gap between the two sides looks easily jumpable……it isn’t .

The Strid has a 100% fatality record. You fall you die and it’s highly unlikely your body will be found.


Your facade is kind to the unwary eyes that pass

with it’s simpering vision of an English river scene

of sculptured stone, trees and bank of velvet grass

fringing ‘just close enough’ ledges, slick with green.

You taunt the gentle water until it begins to rage

tumbling, gouging out your sides into deep scars,

potholes, swirling madness, a peat water cage

brackish black, devoid of sun. moon and stars.

Such fearful deceit entices the boastful with ease,

luring the foolish with perfect come hither look,

for your deadly leaping snare, no one ever sees,

so they fall, entombed with those already took.


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