If it’s new to you I hope you enjoy it, if you’ve read it before then I offer my apology.

The box


There on the oval table just above the gold band plate,

sat a small box with parchment writing that did state

“observe there are two locks.”


“The white side holds something past, a memory dear,

open this lock and be back to relive the moment here,

with a single knock”


“The black side holds something past, a memory strange.

Open this lock and be back, some dark moment to change.

With a double knock”.


“What’s within you cannot know, wisely must you choose

between the twain , for once one’s open you’ll see the clues

and the other locked remain”


10 thoughts on “THE BOX

  1. Ooo, which side to choose! I’d probably go with the dark moment to change. I don’t think I’d read this before, and I did enjoy it, immensely, as I do all of your work. I would read your words a million times and never tire of them.

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      1. South Carolina, yes. The actual place is Sumter, South Carolina. My dad is former military and he was stationed there when I was born. We only lived there for a year after that so I don’t really remember it at all. I never thought much about it until I got older and wondered about the history and the beauty of the place. I’d love to visit since I never really got to experience it. Luckily, or maybe unluckily, we didn’t travel a lot while he was active duty. We moved to Texas when I was one. Grew up in Abilene (it’s a west Texas town), and I moved to Dallas (north Texas) almost 25 years ago.

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      2. As in Ft Sumter ? I am drawn to the South for some reason, the whole lost cause thing, the accents, everything bar the slavery/racism sh*t. I’ve been watching Izzard again and you reminded me of his line ” I come from Europe where all the history is”. I don’t know much about Texas except, lone star state, Alamo, yellow roses, rangers and it’s hot.

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      3. I think Ft Sumter is actually in Charleston, about 100 miles. My dad was stationed at Shaw AFB which is in Sumter. The South is certainly interesting, lots of history, some not so great. Ha, Izzard! And he’s right, isn’t he? I’ve found I actually learn more history from watching him than I ever did in school. Plus he’s much more entertaining. Ah, yes, the Alamo. San Antonio is another place with lots of history. I’ve visited there several times. The Riverwalk is my favorite. They have guided boat tours along the Riverwalk that give some history of the city. Texas Rangers, as in law enforcement, or baseball? It is definitely hot. Way too hot in the summer.

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      4. Rangers as in law enforcement, I need to gen-up on Texas now ! I was thinking about differences in us/uk humour and I don’t get American stand but find the sit-coms hilarious compared to ours (friends, cheers, scrubs, frazier etc) and in America there doesn’t seem to be much of a surreal/absurd comedy tradition yet that brit thing goes down ok, O’oh best stop I can feel an OCD thing growing Ha !

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      5. I believe the Rangers have statewide jurisdiction, usually dealing with more high profile crimes. It’s interesting stuff.
        American stand-up is rather boring. I’ve seen quite a few and probably couldn’t even name one that I like. I haven’t seen scrubs but all of those other shows are funny. My favorite sit-com is Big Bang Theory. I don’t watch a whole lot of television. I’m usually writing or reading, or sometimes doing all three at once.

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