A composite piece based on several places and experiences


To this place I am drawn, this faery dell

with it’s fall of silver tipped essence

and Naiad woven spell.

Bubbling chatter chants that sedate,

luring those who can see,

bidding them rest awhile and wait

amongst fronds of softest fern

to praise the Art of nature’s Sprites

and ever after for this heaven yearn.

It seems hours, yet it is but a moment’s pause

before I can focus beyond mere sight

and gently part the filter  gauze.

There on the rocks beneath breeze flight seeds,

cling emerald sponges of moss,

a nursery for tiny glass water beads

watching the bigger droplets play,

splashing over polished pebbles

as they dance in the spray.

Surly guards of scented stoic pine

ring this haven of miracles that

basks under the glow of Bluebell shine.

There is no industry save the water’s fall

feeding the cool pliant pool, deftly

shielded from the sun by leafy shawl.

And then a gift to me was revealed,

faint but no illusion, bands of colour

emerged from the mist where once concealed.

An arc of red through green, myriad shades between

A bashful beauty seldom seen,

dispersed with a blink.

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