For old times sake

Warm flashback feelings from a time now past

like shimmering heat eddied air, quietly rise

and perfume the scene with memories that last

beyond the end of the evening’s tired goodbyes.

Under the tea light’s dim and impatient flame

my heart smiled on hearing each familiar voice

and although life can be such a difficult game

these friendships are always a cause to rejoice


11 thoughts on “FOR OLD TIMES SAKE

      1. A “tumbler” – I like that expression! I’ve had a few start/stops the last few days but nothing complete. I may well be in a temporary block, maybe I need to eat more fibre? 🙂

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      2. Haha ! It’ll return, there are tumblers and teasers. Teasers are when you have to tease every word out of your mind, you know it’s there but you can only just get your fingertips on it. Tumblers are when you’re entangled emotionally or in the zone. The photo of your dad would be a tumbler…….

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