Inspired by ‘the Strid’ poem which reminded me of local goblin legends

In Celtic mythology the next world is beside ours, separated by a veil. ( sounds very much like various scientific theories of quantum reality). Hence the use of ‘north’ for next life. In some parts of Ireland there used to be a tradition on Halloween/All Hallows Eve or Samhain of leaving the doors and windows open for the departed to visit the land of the living again briefly when the veil was thinnest. These elements have been woven into the poem in a non obvious way, raising the question how long ago did she pass on, and did he love her when alive or meet and fall in love with a spirit, or is he the spirit and he doesn’t know ?



A Forever Cry

Can you stilled heart, see we who remain,

we who feel your loss and curse cruel Lord

who harvests our lovers for Death’s domain,

his callous blade shearing life’s silken cord.

Do you know the tears shed will never dry.

Though on our cheeks their glistening ceased,

they run still, ghosts of a forever cry

that each night flow again with grief released.

We kiss still, our lips meet at twilight times,

when the veil between our two worlds is light,

and I steal your touch as the old clock chimes

before again I face the empty night.

I sleep not in our bed but on the floor,

untouched the crisp white sheet and pillow

but I dream of when your face I last saw

asleep beside me as the curtains billow.

And when at last, light again forays forth,

quietly cleansing the dark from our land,

I know I’m a day closer to the North

where once more I’ll hold your hand.

8 thoughts on “A FOREVER CRY

    1. Thank you Roland, I agree, when I wrote ‘the Strid’ I remembered the local legends of goblins and boggarts in the potholes under the dales so when I read your piece on Selkies also on a similar theme, the poem was inevitable.

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  1. I absolutely love this. It carries a nice, strong rhythm, much like my heart that beat just a little bit faster which each line. You do know how to tell a story that both sings and ignites the senses. I’m always in awe of your wordsmithery.

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  2. Love that! The place calls to me like you wouldn’t believe…or maybe you would. 🙂
    That hurricane is indeed a nasty one. We’ve had some rain the past couple of days, nothing severe. Supposed to get more rain over the weekend. Much of South Texas will see some flooding, I’m sure, but we’re quite a bit north, so other than some rain, I think it’ll be okay. Thank you, dear Nigel.

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