The palliative medication I take to try and control Parkinson’s disease is pretty awful, one of the many side effects is hallucinations and vivid dreaming. Hallucinations are not a problem, I’ve only had 3 in 8 years. Vivid dreaming is quite regular and following a recent drug increase they have flared up . I can’t convey how real they are and can be amusing, interesting or absolutely terrifying . Still, rich source of imagery for a poet………….every clouds got a silver !

These are actual dreams.



There’s an old man,

pale watery eyes watch, what I don’t know.

But they’re slow.

They look at those passing but that’s not what he sees.

Too many trees,

both hands rest on his walking stick.

Or rifle.


I read ‘Jesus loves you’,

but we’ve never met, so it’s a bit odd

for the son of God,

the only thing I know about this complete stranger,

he was born in a manger,

I decide I don’t like the way he looks

or the halo


Soft manic laughter

lies heavy on the carpet woven Bluebells,

of children it tells

that were lost in time when their carnival moved on

and all had gone.

But they play together now in a place of beauty

forever happy


9 thoughts on “DOPAMINE DREAMS 2

  1. These are all indeed rich with imagery and offer much to a poet. I’ve always had vivid dreams, some pretty scary. I don’t seem to recall them as much lately, for some reason, and others, from years ago, I can remember with great detail. I’ve had one that lent itself to a short story idea, but haven’t fleshed it out as of yet.

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      1. I hope you enjoy it. I’d love to know your thoughts if you get further into it. There’s so many poets I still need to check out. I’m slowly going through Western Wind: An Introduction to Poetry (third edition). A writer friend sent it to me a long time ago and I’ve only recently dusted it off to give it more than a quick glance. It’s a little text book-y so I don’t read much at one sitting which is probably why it’s taken me so long to get into it and why it’s slow going now. There is lots of good information, though, and it includes an anthology of some classic and contemporary poetry.

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