The Petition

I would petition the Gods with ardent plea,

to still futile breath with final mercy sleep,

should my eyes only look and no longer see

or the doors to my dreams be locked to keep

heart and mind from roaming true and free

never to fly in cloud or dive in waters deep.


4 thoughts on “THE PETITION

  1. Nigel,
    I have read this poem about a dozen times, working through the full meaning. I see that plea to the Gods to prevent that which causes a poet to bound across dreams from being quieted. A simple, and yet profound plea.

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  2. Thank you Jilly for taking the trouble to comment. My words usually have many layers and hidden meaning. However as you correctly state this piece is straight forward yet heart felt. To not be able to see the world as a poet does or to be unable to unlock those doors in my mind would render existence pointless. My illness will eventually steal away these things as it is everything else, hence the intensity of my words.


  3. This truly tugs at the heart. The depth in which you’re able to see and feel your experiences, and the way you express them so eloquently in your writing is ever lasting, Nigel. You seek deeper and fly higher than most, as far as I’m concerned. A trait that I’m sure follows the poet and the man. Your brilliance carries far and wide. It’s certainly opened doors and made me take a look at things more closely. Search deep, fly high x

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