SONNET 13 – the Devil’s sonnet

This isn’t strictly a true sonnet. I rarely, if ever, concern myself with iambic pentameter but usually stick to the 14 line, 10 syllable, 3 quatrains with a denouement in the form of a mood shifting couplet. However, this being my 13th sonnet, and 13 being associated with the dark side I’ve done an 18 line version .          3 x 6 = 18 ( though not true Sestet) and 3 sixes written as 666, is the mark of the beast hence ‘the Devil’s sonnet’.

Sonnet 13 – the Devil’s sonnet


You amuse me frail creatures with your ways,

how blind you stumble into my domain,

and rush headlong into my dark deed maze,

not knowing once there, you’ll ever remain

amongst all the damned souls of the lost,

forgetting, in my realm you always pay,

once the river to perdition’s crossed

and emerald grass becomes monstrous clay.

Foul, cloying mass grasping your fetid feet

endlessly toiling in forever night

under the dancing glow of searing heat,

confined to the past the joy of sunlight.

It’s easy for me, evil to ensnare.

Many of you beat with a cold black heart

and so I save you a place in my lair

waiting for you, your bright world to depart.

But not those who’s hearts are both pure and white

I cannot take a soul filled with light.

10 thoughts on “SONNET 13 – the Devil’s sonnet

    1. Thank you Lynn, Ol’ Nick can’t touch the likes of us. Given the state of the world I suspect his place is pretty full anyway. I’ve always been drawn to all manner of spooky stuff. Fave spooky flick ? Mines got to be ‘the Shining’

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      1. That’s right! I would imagine it is a full house, indeed. Ah, ‘The Shining’. I’ve seen parts. I’m going to have to watch it again. Fave spooky film…’Carrie’. I can’t begin to explain how freaked out I used to be by that movie. Just typing the name of it gives me chills. Have you seen that one?

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      2. Ahh! Yes, that’s the one. First time I watched it, I was really young so I don’t think I understood it, of course I might’ve missed some parts here and there, but I thought she was the evil one. I watched it again several years ago and had a whole new perspective. I felt bad for her. I mean, it’s sad, and other than the telekinesis, probably isn’t far from a lot of what goes on. The only evil was the mother and the others that bullied her. Sissy Spacek played a good character. The prom night scene, for me, has to be one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen. I had to watch it through my fingers.

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      3. You may have seen them Lynn, but I have 2 true spookyish articles, ‘ a strange tale of symbols’ on entanglement/coincidence and ‘ghost story’ concerning my kids. I have another to write which is hard to disregard . But before I write that you’ve inspired me with your comment re the photo on ‘to the sky’, Winter gothic I think !

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      4. I think I have seen those. I’ve started to go back and immerse myself in your older pieces, too. 🙂 I’ll give them another read so I can refresh my memory. Yay! I’m intrigued! Can’t wait to see where the inspiration takes you.

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  1. Another excellent piece of poetry Nigel. Have you read Don Paterson’s book 101 Sonnets? He basically says that there are so many interpretations of the sonnet that academics will be arguing until eternity as to what the form is.I am writing a post next week about sonnets. Would you mind if I mention and link to this?


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