To the sky,

Will you let snow fall again,

that rests easy on the sight,

not spiteful sleet or rain

but falling flakes of white,


Will you let snow again fall,

to lay as though a linen sheet

that muffles the Robin’s call

as he whistles all to greet.


Should snow fall once more

can you make it overnight

so it would be like I saw

 as a boy, waking at first light.

7 thoughts on “TO THE SKY

  1. That gorgeous photo looks like something magical could walk right out of the snow. I love your addressing the words to the sky. Conversations with the sky, I can see more ideas stirring there. The soft blanket type snow is nice, waking up to it is even better. I’d say you make me long for snow but you set me nicely in the middle of falling flakes and the quiet it brings. Expertly crafted, as always.

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    1. Thank you, we just don’t get snow anymore, so the harsh winters of childhood are memories, natural changes of the planet or man made who knows but it’s definitely changed. Still if the sea rises we won’t have as far to get to the coast !

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