I sat there in silence and stared

hurt that my soul I had bared

she had from the start

tried to break my heart

by saying she loved me and cared


When all is stillness in the dead of night

and the moon lays her pearl blush light

like soft down upon her thigh

a tear slips and I catch a sigh,

and I’m transfixed by the beauty in my sight.



“The pen is mightier than the sword !

But I got the best I could afford”,

but they were not so thick

that they’d fight with a Bic

especially for a tight-fisted Lord.


There was a young man of huge size

due mainly to his love of pies,

‘I’ve only one on my plate’

he’d innocently state,

while two more were under the fries.


There was a young man from Oldham

who joking told an old lass to hold’em

there were no ifs or buts

she said ‘ pass me yer nuts’

and smiling she quietly rolled em


7 thoughts on “THE ART OF THE LIMERICK

      1. I look forward to those pieces. Well, I look forward to all of yours! I’ve been working out a couple different pieces for days. Hopefully I can finish at least one of them tonight. Irish stout and bacon, now I’m equally hungry and thirsty. Sounds divine.

        Liked by 1 person

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