A Priest on TV

His florid face and thin lips offend me

I don’t know why, maybe It adds weight

to my revulsion, a weak justification.


Have they really the ear of a god ?


He wears his false serenity well, tailored

in Saville Row, Jesus likes his guys looking

sharp ! But his collar is stained, with a

child like hypocrisy, obvious as gravy.


He knows !


It’s a question of faith he claims,

glossing over the suspension of disbelief

with a sickly sweet smile that by itself is

truth in drag.


Reason and truth kept in a bottom drawer

next to aged malt and porn, while manic

enthusiasm and the conviction of

professional liars are pinned to the temple wall


And yet they find peace and solace in

cold echoing vaults of Gothic stone,

happy, smiley people on the edge of madness.

Let them be but take the priest to task.


His self serving florid face offends me


That and his thin smile !


Vipers have flitting forked tongues,

his is hidden, lesson 1. at seminary.


I wonder if he gets a fee and who he gives

it to ? Not Jesus for sure. He has the key to heaven,

half day closing on Wednesday. 


That voice !

His words !

I switch channels and there’s a different flavour of holy man,

same grubby hypocrisy, different party pack .

One day only !  Half price religion,

it will only cost you your integrity,

Roll up, Roll up.

I watch ‘Star Wars’

it doesn’t offend me.

7 thoughts on “A PRIEST ON TV

  1. You weren’t kidding when you said ‘heavy’. Whew! This is really good. “Same grubby hypocrisy”…that sure does sum it up. The Star Wars line lifts the heavy a bit. Made me smile. Star Wars is worlds better than any televangelists.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. It certainly made it well. Not much of a sci-fi fan myself. Which reminds me, any chance you can catch Strike – The Cuckoo’s Calling if you’re interested? It’s based on a novel series featuring a private detective. The other day, I was looking to see if a new book was in the near future and discovered the first of a mini series just aired last weekend I think. I’m only able to catch clips online, not a full episode because apparently the BBC iplayer doesn’t work here. Sadness.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yay! I hope you can find it. The clips were good but just a tease since the longest was maybe 2 minutes. Having read all three books so far in the series, and getting some idea of what the characters might look like, at least in my head, I think they did a good job of casting.

        Liked by 1 person

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