The Book of Something or Other

I’ve started a new religion

I call it something or other, ‘Other’ sounds best,

but I’ll keep the rest.

My temple’s small because I only accept the kind

who are so hard to find.

I’ve written some stories and made up a past

with a wonderful cast,

of Goodies and Baddies and all manner of crazy

but I’ve left a few bits hazy

and put it all in the ‘Book of Something or Other’.

 Now for a fee I’ll call you brother.


    1. You can Join Lynn, we celebrate xmas, easter, Eid, Hanukkah, weekends, Fridays and Tuesdays plus the whole of May (prophets birthday). We can eat and drink anything we want and believe anything, but you must laugh as much as possible every day. Kind of a bit free & easy with regard to doctrine.

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    1. ‘And lo it came to pass that the angel kevin visited Nige of Guiseley and saideth “G was wondering if you’d start a new thing cos the whole religion idea ain’t panning out too well, the 3 biggies are always fightin and to be honest a bit sh*t’ And Nige replied ‘err ok but can I be a prophet ?’ from ‘the book of something or other’. Yep, my birthday, my religion hee hee !

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