Not for long


He said it often as the door slammed

committing himself to the pub

preferring to sit a bit with the damned

embers glowing on a ciggie stub

waiting for the painted tart’s first song.

But not for long.


There were frantic grunts and groans

and a bobbing bare ass

whispered dirty talk and drama moans

a hand on steamy glass

They said illicit sex in a car was wrong

but not for long.


Both seemed to enjoy a good a ruck

throwing pots and pans

sure at bedtime his duvet they’d tuck

for tea open some cans,

does he really with these two belong,

it’s not for long.


The old lass got a new nightie to die

look posh in her last hours

not wanting to be trouble she’d sigh

giving the nurse her flowers

joking she’d not go cos she was strong

but not for long.


5 thoughts on “NOT FOR LONG

    1. Thank you Lynn, could I use your acrostic erotica piece ? I want to run a short, light hearted article to see what the response is (probs nothing ha !) I’ve got an idea for one myself and want to present it as something you and I have stumbled across.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Nice one Nigel! It was entertaining, and I liked the switching story lines and wonderful British feel. You always have the ability to hold my attention from the first word to the last. Such variety and talent!

    Liked by 1 person

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