Original idea is by Jake Thackray


Sister Mary


I first met her after evening prayer

I’d never heard a nun cuss or swear

or announce she’s just passed gas

while burping and scratching her ass

A strange kind of nun, Sister Mary.


She had an odd way of saying grace

as the moustache twitched on her face

and the seat was up when she’d been

and of ‘confession’ she didn’t seem keen,

Yes an odd kind of nun.


But to the young nuns she was so kind

and often one sharing her bed I’d find.

Yes, it made your heart strings tug

hearing ‘tighter Sister, call that a hug !”

but a funny sort of nun.


She was a lot hairier than the other nuns

tattoos flashing as she went on her runs

with huge biceps and as strong as an ox

and the art magazines she kept in a box

not your normal type of nun.


Then one day mother superior revealed

she was last seen running over the field

where ever she is I hope she’s at peace,

and that’s what we told the chief of police.

9 thoughts on “SISTER MARY

  1. Quality Nigel. Nuns on the run was a great film. I was schooled by the evil witches, although there was one who was a gem. Nice contrast to your Priest poem which has got my head racing. I think your description Anarchists of Words may be coming to the fore.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Davy, I’ve been reading some of my past pieces including ‘……… to arms’ which apparently is quite effective. Roland’s just blown me away with an amazing metaphysical piece, so deep, detailed and personal. Have a good day Davy

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Roland, I was counting on you being familiar with ‘Sister Josephine’. I’ve just picked up a selection of poems by Leeds lad Tony Harrison. I like his stuff very much and dare I say which, in a very loose way, reminds me of some of my own poems in the sense that he often writes a serious, poignant verse and then can’t resist a humorous twist at the end like he does in ‘Jumper’ and I do in ‘Pegs’.


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