Lynn, over at L.Burton writes, has been writing some wonderful acrostic verse. One of which, based on the word ‘STILETTO’ is presented below. Off the back of this we both coined the phrase ‘Acrostic Erotica’ and think of it as a sub-genre. Now I’m not into poetry puzzles at all but this, like Limericks, really appeals ( yes I know it’s the ‘erotica’ bit that swings it, judge me as you wish for I care not ha ha !)

So, in the interest of fun and furthering the art we are inviting everyone to have a go and write one in the comments. The form is simple, acrostic, erotic theme, explicit or implied, never crude or vulgar. Below are Lynn’s and mine, please have a go ! Or just comment.


Sultry scarlet on a scale of one

To ten – turn up the temptress

Ignite the senses

Love what they do to her legs

Ecstasy falls through the door

Tumbling, torrid

Thud when they hit the floor



Silky skin slowly revealed by a

Tease of consummate skill.

Oh, how I am at her mercy, her

Calculated play

Kindred seeker of pleasures

Intimacy’s boundaries breached

Nothing held back

Grasping this moment of

Secret desire fulfilled.


Forbidden and


Thrills, played out

In a pretend


Hotel room


31 thoughts on “ACROSTIC EROTICA

  1. Kiss You in the Morning

    Sun beams stream across
    Satin sheets
    Offer your hand
    Undo my senses
    Need. A nocturnal
    Hangs heavily. Harmonious
    Energy entwines eagerly when enters
    Open to blossoming dawn
    Rich, ripe with
    New beginnings
    Illuminated in

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      1. Okay. Was thinking of making it its own page but I know I’ve had trouble with that before. My blog’s particular theme doesn’t seem very sidebar or widget friendly. I’ll figure some way to do it, or just as a regular post. I’m glad there’s been interest.

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      2. Mine’s possessed ! I’ve been trying all night to add voice recitals on a ‘spoken word’ page in the way I want Arrgh ! Considering I’ve worked out how to make the audio with fade out backgrounds etc WP should be the easy part. Don’t fret over it Lynn, I’ve had great fun doing this.

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  2. Nice poetry you two. My contribution.

    The Age of Sex.

    In hindsight,
    Nescafe and Cream Cakes
    Give more of a rush (these days)

    PS. Were Acrostic Erotica not a band in the 80’s?


      1. I wasn’t sure it was going to get through the crude and vulgar firewall. It was the more printable of the three. I worked on a vice squad for a time so you can imagine the doors that this has opened Nigel.

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      2. That’s a tough gig I wouldn’t want to do ! My wife was a police station accredited para-legal working in criminal law for many years and it took it’s toll having to ‘defend’, It was a relief when she quit.

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  3. Another contribution, great! I’m glad someone else did that word. I’d thought about it but wasn’t sure. Here’s another. I need a new Y word, there’s a whole lot of ‘yearning’ in my last two.


    Turn the key
    Room reveals

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