About a man with some form of disability, that makes him feel unworthy of a beautiful woman’s advances, causing him to wrongly assume she is sporting with his feelings.

A cursed man

Do you know that you no longer look but gaze

with limpid eyes that now touch as well as see.

That hint of the desirous and covert ways

in which you’ve completely captured me.

Yet surely is this a game born from cruel jest

revealing a cursed man of impotent dream

driven by his desire to never know rest

for to sully a beauty rare is to blaspheme.


13 thoughts on “A CURSED MAN

    1. Thank you Lynn, I thought the photo very apt. Lets lighten the mood a bit, you said in your ‘about’ you’re a foodie, as am I (naturally) and I picked up you like a drink. One main course and two drinks off the magic ‘anything in the world’ menu, what would you choose ?

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      1. Oh, so many wonderful things to choose from. As much as I love Mexican food and anything with avocado, I’ll have to go with shrimp scampi as a main course. Two drinks, also a tough one. Crown & coke or a chardonnay. And you?

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      2. Not too long ago, I found this ad for a place in Denton (a town not far from here) called the Abbey Inn Restaurant & Pub. I forget where I saw their ad but the main photo was of fish and chips. It looked really good. Not having anything to compare it to, I don’t know how authentic their English food might be, but I’ve been wanting to go eat there. Crown is Crown Royal Canadian Whisky mixed with Coke (soda). The soda adds a little smoothness, just a splash in the bottom and the rest whisky.

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      3. The best are from the coast, no skin or bones (often so in the south) just thick white steaks of cod or haddock, chips (thick fries) made from maris piper or king Edward potatoes, salt n malt vinegar ! The best of all are from ‘the Magpie’ in Whitby Yorkshire coast, setting for Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ and home to an amazing annual Goth weekend you’d love it Lynn.

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      4. That sounds delicious, and I love malt vinegar! Ah! A goth weekend! I would so love that!! Speaking of annual things, there’s a wine tasting festival coming up in a couple of weeks. That’s always fun to try out new wines.

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  1. The poem was wonderful, despite it’s inherent sadness. I feel for this bloke; it’s obviously learnt behaviour from past encounters .
    And the thread comments, are making me thirsty. I’ll have a nice small glass of 12 year old tawny port if you don’t mind. Even on a warm summer’s night, such as this eve!

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    1. It’s more how he see’s himself, he can’t see past his own disability, he despises what he’s become and therefore can’t accept that anyone would find him attractive. 12 yr Tawny !!! You’re a classy lassy if ever there was one, make mine a large though !


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