Funny what you fondly remember (sadly mum’s never looked like this)


Rissole Monday

As kids it was mum’s dreaded Sunday roast

that won the title of ‘meal we hate the most’

with mash, carrots and cabbage undercooked

making it palatable was always overlooked

but every Monday we kids were in clover

because all the food that had been left over

was transformed at the start of every week

into delicious rissoles with bubble and squeak.


Rissole – kind of burger made from cooked left over meat joints. A real art as they could easily become dry. Always padded out to go further with bread soaked in milk, minced and mixed by hand and flavoured with Worcester or Brown sauce.

Bubble & Squeak – Simply left over mashed potato mixed with the left over vegetables, mixed and fried.

9 thoughts on “RISSOLE MONDAY

  1. It must have been a Northern thing Nigel and remember this so well. It was much better than Lettuce Sandwich Thursday. Loved the poem and thank you for re-igniting the memories.

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      1. It is true Nigel. I tell these stories to my wife, who hails from London, and most of the time she looks at me as if I’m stupid (which is most of the time actually).

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