12 thoughts on “VOICES 4

      1. Weaker pieces? You, my dear, have no such thing. All of your pieces shine like the brightest star. I can see how voicing them does give it a whole different element. I definitely like hearing them.

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      2. I’ve just been listening to ‘bought you a thought’ such a great line ! I’m going to try and mix up sonnet 13, with the sonnets I think, classical, orchestral but wonder if it might work with some dirty blues or maybe I’ll write a blues based sonnet, what you think ?

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      3. That is a great line! I love that song. Listening to it now again since I mostly alternate between 6 different songs from their other album. I think sonnet 13 would work great with dirty blues! It has that feel to it, so it would be really effective. You could also write a blues based sonnet. The more from you the better! 🙂

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  1. Am really enjoying listening to these Nigel and it is good to hear the voice and emotion behind your excellent poetry. I will be taking some time out to listen to them again through the week.

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    1. You’re most kind, as I commented to Charlie, the idea came off the back of a possible need for voice recognition software in the future. It seems to transform the weaker pieces and allows an easier access for the imagination. I do hope you take your full video idea forward as I believe that to be another level yet again. Alchemists, Anarchists and now Artisans of word !

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      1. Cheers Nigel, I am experimenting with a few things at the moment. It was coincidental but listened to one of yours with a violin intro and I have been working on something similar. We could start the A Cubed Club.

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      2. We could indeed. I have to admit it’s great fun, though it’s one of those things that can become an addictive money pit. I just downloaded a free app and used the laptop mic. It was rough so paid for an editing suite download, but unless the mic…..? At that point ‘she who must be obeyed’ stepped in, and rightly so.

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